Rockford, NC: Rockford was once the county seat of Surry County. Surry Country once encompassed Forsyth, Stokes, Yadkin, Davie and Rowan counties. With that came a booming, bustling town. The county seat was moved to Dobson, NC in 1850. There remains a lot of history here in Rockford and a number of buildings, which still stand today for all to admire and enjoy. The train still passes by daily, although no longer a passenger train, it is still fun the kids and the adults too to watch.

Jesse Lester Tavern: Circa 1790 1st building on your left as you cross the railroad tracks, coming in from Yadkin Co. Jesse Lester applied for a license to operate a tavern in his home in 1790. This building was later converted to a tobacco factory. Today this building is privately owned and is in the process of being renovated.


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  Railroad Section Foremans House: circa 1883 is the 1st building on your right. When the railroad was being built the section of track from Winston-Salem to Wilkesboro the foreman for the railroad and his family stayed here. The property remained with the railroad for several years after its completion and several foremans lived here. Today Yadkin River Adventures is located in the left hand side of this building, the right hand side is a private residence.
  Robert Clark Store: The second building on your left, This store has been closed since the early 1970's, after the death of Robert Clark, his widow, Mauzie Johnson found it difficult to continue on running the store and she eventually closed it up. Robert Clark's daughter, Louise Simpson still lives in Rockford and has great memories of her father running this store. This store was always known for selling ice cream. Kids came here for ice cream and to the general store for candy. This store did not sell candy and the general store did not sell ice cream. At one time there were 5 stores in operation in Rockford within a short distance of each other. Today this building is in the process of being restored.

Rockford General Store:
circa 1890 is the 3rd building on your left. This store has always been a general store since it opened in 1890. There have only been 5 owners of this store since the time it opened. A man named Reece and a man named Saunders built this store. The McCormicks purchased this from Reece in the early 1920s and ran it until their daughter, Eva and her husband Paul Anthony took over operation. In 1972 Annie and Glenn Barnett purchased and ran the store until her death in 2003, the store was reopened in July of 2004 under the new owners, The Carters and the Foys. The store put in a well and septic tank in 2007 (1st time running water was ever in this building) and added a grill also in 2007. Best hot dogs and hamburgers!
  Grant-Burrus Hotel Ruins: circa 1796 is the 2nd property on your right. After burning in 1974, this is unfortunately all that is left of the hotel. It is said that Andrew Jackson, James K Polk and Aaron Burr all stayed in this hotel. Mr Grant was granted a license in 1796 for a tavern in his home. It developed from a tavern into a hotel. It was not being used as a hotel when it burned however. History seems to denote that it closed as a hotel in 1925.